26 August, 2008

Baby Update...

So, long time with no update...here goes!

Baby's room is done. Painted, that is. The stripes turned out beautifully and it looks just wonderful with the woodwork and all of the natural light in that room. We still have to clean out one of the "bachelor" closets to make room for baby, but we still have three months. Furnishing is also still in process, but we figure we'll wait until the shower in October to finalize those things.

Yes, I said 3 MONTHS! Our due date is three months from this past Saturday! It is amazing how quickly the time has passed. We had our third (and hopefully final) ultrasound on Friday to check on a small cyst that had previously been noticed on baby's brain. The cyst, as expected, had disappeared as baby grew. Baby was 2 pounds 1 ounce and in the 49 percentile for growth. We are so very pleased! We got to see baby open and close his/her mouth, but didn't get a completely clear shot because it was giving us an elbow to look at! I am feeling a lot of movement now as baby becomes more active. Kevin is also able to feel (and recently SEE!) a lot of the baby's movements. It is kind of strange to look down in the middle of a strategic planning meeting and see your stomach literally rolling...sometimes hard to keep a train of thought on track!

I am feeling well. I can't stand for as long of periods of time as before and I do have some trouble with leg cramping and pulling hips during the night, but overall I am quite healthy. So far no sugar or protein issues, healthy weight gain, and no fluid retention. I still have a lot of energy and feel like my brain is shifting into a good "mommy rhythm". I may not have as much energy as before, but I seem to be able to prioritize, remember, and accomplish more of my household tasks on a more regular basis. I guess it must be one of the ways that God blesses us in preparation for our little ones!

Besides baby, and amongst a large strategic planning process that I am co-chairing here at the parish, I am preparing for the International Catholic Stewardship Conference in Chicago in October. Not only were Bishop Morneau and I asked to present a seminar at the conference, but our parish was also selected to exhibit some of our stewardship materials and information during the conference. We've also applied for an award for our annual stewardship renewal materials. Suffice it to say, I've been busy and it isn't going to slow down anytime before baby arrives!

Kevin is also doing well. He is VERY busy with the start of his fall class, teaching Confirmation, finishing some big house projects before winter, and of course, working. He is now working 4 10-hour work days which is a blessing. This summer I have been able to spend Friday afternoons with him and after baby arrives we'll have one more day of childcare covered (my biggest worry at the moment). He was working nearly that much already, so this is just a nice configuration change. He is also gearing up for hunting season...He's got to get the big one early this year just in case Baby B decides to come right on time!!!

So, that is our story. For the most part, healthy and happy and ready to welcome the newest blessing of our marriage. God is providing for us in powerful ways and there aren't enough ways for us to show our gratitude.

We hope this message finds you well and blessed. Please feel free to pass it along!

Hugs and Prayers,

Amberly and Kevin and Baby Yet to be Named (oh, and our kitties too...they'd feel really bad if they didn't at least get a mention in the by-line! They are already a little wary of the impacts of the "furless wonder" they can sense is impending...)