19 October, 2010

Our Little Souls

I have two children. This is my beautiful daughter. She is only 6 months old and yet I can see in her eyes what a beautiful young woman she will be one day. I can see the joy and radiance of God in her little smile and I can hear God's voice when she laughs from her belly.

As Catholics and Christians we talk about our co-creation with God. After having my children, I know understand that it applies to so much more than birth control, conception, and the mystery that is pregnancy. God gifted Kevin and me with these children and entrusted us as stewards of their lives and their futures. Together, through prayer and faith, we co-create these precious children. We nurture their bodies, their minds, and their little souls.

Wow, what an awesome calling.

It certainly gives me some perspective for those moments when my rambuctious two-year-old is flinging folded towels across the living room and trying to bite everything that makes contact with his lower canines and my daughter is screeching for rice cereal and whining for mama's arms. We're co-creating and this moment is yours LORD!

04 October, 2010

Feeling Exhausted

No inspirational message tonight. Just typing in solidarity with the thousands of parents out there who are exhausted at the end of today. When you ask what I did today: The children were dressed, the children were diapered, the children were fed, the children are still alive. If dinner is burnt, just be grateful that dinner made it to the oven at all.