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I am available to speak to parishes, women's groups, and schools on a variety of topics. My presentations are interactive and often include multimedia components and small group activities. Below you will find the names and basic descriptions of programs I've already given, but I am also open to your custom needs. As a faculty member for the Department of Education in the Diocese of Green Bay the presentations below have been offered and endorsed by our diocese. They are tried and true and have received very positive response.

I offer 3-hour and 6-hour timeframes, but have flexibility for additional time and/or travel. Schedule early for best availability as I do limit my engagements due to my primary vocation as wife and mother. I work hard to maintain reasonable and competitive rates while also providing for my family through my ministry. Please e-mail for availability and rates.

NEW! Meals, Mass and Mystics

A cooking class with a Catholic twist, this event combines my love of cooking with insights from the lives of the saints and the mystics as well as our experience of the Mass. Breaking of the bread is a key part of our everyday living as Christians whether it be at the Eucharistic table or the kitchen table. This event will encourage you to look at the Mass in a renewed way. Be filled bodily and spiritually!

NEW! Pope Francis: Model of the Christian Witness

Are you inspired by the witness of Pope Francis? Are you motivated by his humility, honesty, and generosity? Does his life story and fresh approach encourage you? Join Amberly for a multimedia experience, which looks at Pope Francis as a model for the Christian witness. Hear Amberly’s witness of her life in Christ and be challenged to tell your own. This event will lift you up and push you forward in your ministry!

Maintaining God's Temple: Holistic Living for Women

Women's lives are so fragmented by demands. This session will delve into what it means to care for one's physical, emotional, and spiritual health and what it means to live as a whole and holy woman of God. Areas of focus include Theology of the Body, meditative prayer, and healthy body image and care.

Touch Up Your Roots: Rituals and Relationships

Drawing upon the book "The Red Tent" by Anita Damiant, this session focuses on practices for refreshing the body, mind and soul by looking to the "roots" of scripture and church tradition. We will share and learn some practical ways to spend time with God amid the busy-ness of life. Areas of focus include time management, Lectio Divina, Rosary prayers, community and solidarity.

Christian Women of Conscience: Living the Virtues

This variable length talk is inspired by the book "Defiant Daughters: Christian Women of Conscience" by Marcy Heidish. It delves into the Catholic teaching about virtue and uses the women in the book to provide practical examples. Women are challenged to consider their own conscience and their own story. Books are helpful, but not necessary and the talk can be offered in one or more sessions.

Bible Divas: Virtuous Women in Scripture

This session focuses on the life and times of some of the women we meet in scripture. We will discuss the lives and virtues of the following women: Eve, Esther, Woman in the Song of Solomon, Mary the Mother of Jesus, The Woman at the Well, Martha of Bethany. We will identify ourselves in their stories and examine their virtues as they operate in our lives today.

Comfort and Joy: Soul Food for Women

This fun object lesson combines my love for cooking with my love of faith. Food and food preparation can be as theraputic for the cook as it is for those who eat it! Best suited for groups of less than 10, we will prepare 3 meals (to use or freeze) while sharing the practices and prayers that bring us comfort.

Color My Life Lord!

Creativity and color define this gathering! God's creation is beautifully and intricately designed. Art and craft have been cornerstones of faith practice for centuries. We will discuss the role of beauty and asthetics in our life and faith and think about on how we can bring color to others in our community. Hands on activities create great appeal for this gathering!

Our 4G Network

Gratitude, God's Gifts, and Generosity are the themes of this stewardship talk which can be tailored to all ages and genders.

Christian Women's Bootcamp: Pull No Punches!

Are you tired of words like "cafeteria Catholic" and "Creaster" defining your Catholic faith? Lace up your running shoes ladies for this fun and fast morning! The Catholic faith is challenging, but no one said that religious practice can't be fun! Bolster your faith endurance with a catholic "circuit training" in the areas of prayer, study, generosity and evangelization. We will determine a clear expectation based on our baptismal call, complete a spiritual health check, and make a plan for spiritual growth. Honesty characterizes this morning, which is as inspiring as it is challenging. This is an event sure to enhance the depth and passion of your Catholic way of life!

I also speak to parishes and groups on various topics of stewardship and pastoral planning. Please contact me directly for these types of talks.

Places I've Spoken:
Diocese of Green Bay - Various, Wisconsin

Diocese of Green Bay "Girlfriends in God" Planning Team Member and Speaker 2012, 2013, 2014

Catholic Charities - La Crosse, Wisconsin

International Catholic Stewardship Council Conference - Various

Women's Celebrate Conference - Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin