Why I Ink

We all have jobs to do. I happen to love mine. That being said, my job is not my passion. God has given me some amazing gifts to use and if I am not cooking, writing, or teaching, I'm not happy. This blog gives me a place to write and sometimes even write about the things I am cooking or teaching. It is a great place to come and exercise my mind in reflection.

This is also a place where I feel like I am sharing my gift with the world. If one person smiles or says to themself, "Yeah, I hear ya..." while reading something on my blog, I feel like God has used me to touch their life in a small sense of community and solidarity.

Why at The Inkwell? Well, it was at the well in scripture where the woman met Christ and was opened to the promise of God's love and salvation. I pray that through my writing I will draw closer to my Christ and be immersed further in His promise and providence through my reflection and through my readers.

That is why I ink.

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