14 November, 2007

Quiet Time...

First it was a trusted friend commenting on my daily need to process "stepping back and letting the Holy Spirit work"...

Then it was a practical recommendation from a resource I am using to lead a small group study.

Then it was another practical recommendation from that same resource in regards to a different strength.

Then it was a little voice in my prayer time in the shower.

I need to take time for quiet reflection.


I am a busy person.

I have a busy schedule.

I am with people all day.

When I am not with people, I am communicating with people.

When I am not communicating with people, I am preparing notes or agendas.

When I am not preparing notes, I am preparing lunch or dinner.

If I am not preparing a meal, I am doing any number of possible tasks!!!!


Okay, I'm done. I'm calm. Deep breath.

These messages, this theme, is a message from God. He knows better than I. If He is telling me to take quiet time who am I to question? Now, the question becomes, how do I find the time?

And the answer is...I make it.

This practice of "making time" is never mastered, but it is an important one to practice. It is a matter of reviewing my day and building it in. If it means taking my lunch into the day chapel, I schedule it in. If 4:00 rolls around, I add a few minutes onto my drive home (not hard to do when I am 3 minutes from the house...) If I have chores to do, sometimes my quiet time is over laundry (that just means I have to talk and listen instead of read or write). Sometimes it is meeting God at the sink or at the stove. Sometimes it means getting up before the sun for a quiet, extra hot shower. If it means making time before bed it may mean a little less sleep. (This same principal of "making time" is crucial to marriages as well...)

Nothing is more important than making time to talk with God and reflect on His beauty and presence. The key is that He doesn't always ask us to forego the needs of our family in order to make time for Him. He just wants your attention while your hands are busy.

In 99% of cases, if we are honest with ourselves, the time is there...we just have to use it that way.

And then the trick is: make it count.

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