31 July, 2008

Internal Blahs in the Heat of Summer

Well, what more can I say? I have a case of the inner blahs...

I feel like I have a lot to do.
None of it is any fun.
I prefer to do other things.
I cook, I bake, and I organize random areas of the house that are not priorities.
Then I rest because I can't work at any one thing for more than 20 minutes without a rest.
None of the things that need to get done do.
And yet I feel like I am always working at something.

And the vicious cycle continues.

I like to believe scheduling my tasks on my Outlook calendar will help. At least I can't pretend to forget about the tasks, just push them off ONE MORE DAY...

Any suggestions?

Caffeine, alcohol, or high sugar incentives are not eligible for consideration.

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