04 January, 2009

Yes, It's All True

I usually hate these things, but this one seemed fun. I'm not going to tag anyone because that annoys me, but perhaps it will inspire you anyways!

Rules: Write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1) I am a junk food addict. Strange, I know, since I am all about the healthy lifestyle, but if I had it my way it would be McDonalds and Cheetos all the time!

2) I really want to be a writer, but I can never seem to make the time to write. Admittedly, it is probably by choice, but with a baby nothing is really by choice! My goal is to have something written and published by the end of 2009.

3) I am definitely a moderate. I believe in all things progressive, but realize that the precedent of the past is an important guiding principle. Those who have gone before us have a significant advantage on us...they've actually done it...

4) I never believed in "falling in love"...until I met my husband...

5) I've never been to Vegas and I have no desire to go. However, my husband is a Vegas junkie...here's hoping for a hotel with a spa and a killer hot tub!

6) I am an introvert trained extrovert. Thanks Dad...I enjoy being with people and I am really good at it, both personally and professionally, but it takes a ton of energy away from me and I'd much prefer to be alone working on a project by myself.

7) I hate making phone calls. Consider it a symptom of my generation. I don't mind getting calls, but I hate actually initiating them. Somehow I feel out of place...

8) I never expected to live in Green Bay. Initially it was just a good starting point. And yet, today, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else and my goal in life would be to stay here and raise my family.

9) I can have 20 different balls in the air at the office and my desk stays organized, but if I have more than 3 things going on at home the house gets out of control...apparently that fits my Meyer-Briggs personality type...

10) I believe that a person can do the same job in athletic pants that they can in a suit. Isn't a dress code just another kind of discrimination? Essentially it's saying you can't do the job if you don't look the part.

11) I hate to exercise...but I love to feel healthy...my goal is to lose my baby weight by summer and I know I can because I lost the same amount right before I got pregnant.

12) I eventually want to stay home with my kiddos and I feel guilty that I am not making it possible to do so right now and yet, I firmly believe that we have discerned God's plan for the current moment.

13) I love to sew, scrapbook, decorate, cook and bake. Someday I'd like to start a business where I can do all of these things for money...anyone have any thoughts as to what that would be???

13) I married my mother...well, not really, but I've come to the conclusion that I am definitely my father's daughter and I have married a man with the interests of my dad, but the practical habits of my mother...it's really strange.

14) I now understand the purpose of the "coffee klatch"...I actually look forward to sitting with other moms and talking about our children's habits...

15) I have to sleep with the closet doors closed or I have panic attacks in the middle of the night.

16) I actually enjoy strategic planning...it's an illness I think...

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