15 November, 2011

Questions Before 30: To Conceive or Not to Conceive?

Time for a new series. I will call it, "30 Questions Before 30". There are just somethings that one feels compelled to ask as they approach that middle-aged number and I think it is time to start asking them out loud.

Question 1:
To conceive or not to conceive - did I make the right choice to have my babies so young? Should I have seen the world and enjoyed my 20s with the rest of my peers before diving headlong into the first 18 years of parenthood?

Always in luck, today's answer came before the question. Here's a fascinating article for women who want to be mothers - don't wait to read it until you're "ready". While you may think that science is more on your side than the Church, it may not be...

Fertility math? Most women flunk, survey finds

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