04 January, 2013


Baby Boerschinger #3! At least in the womb...See you in May Baby!

Despite some initial concerns, the specialist thinks the baby looks great. Baby is about 11 oz. now and about the length of a banana. The main reason she thinks I can't feel a lot of movement is because baby stays pretty curled up on one side. Pike position or knees tucked up with arms across its face. It moved a lot on the ultrasound, but I didn't feel any of it. Heart and blood flow looks great.

Little face...long forehead like John Ross!

Long toes! It's a Krogh!
My favorite...little legs crossed up so sweet!
The kids were with us and excited to see the baby "wave" to them!
John Ross' forehead, Clara's little cheek bones!
It seems to be pretty shy. Maybe a quiet one???
Never had 3D before. It was pretty neat!

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