10 October, 2006

"Rent" and other assorted thoughts...

So, I spent the weekend with my 19-year-old sister.

Different...I am definitely glad I am no longer a college student.

That said, we had a GREAT time!!! We drank a ton of coffee and talked about all the things that sisters talk about. My wedding, our beaus, our family, love, loss and everything in between. We went to an interpretive dance recital and the musical "Rent". Which brings me to my first point...

Seriously, have you seen "Rent"? I can't understand how people can walk out of "Rent" and be so psyched out. Sure, great music, great talent, but did you understand the premise? Did you understand the message? If they did it would seem a much more sobering experience. Alida and I got back to the dorm, rescued my blistered feet, cracked open a couple of cream sodas and tried to combat the onset of extreme depression. This is exactly how apathy begins. It is the perfect example of the shallowness of our culture. They hear the music and the voices. They experience the excitement of the Broadway experience. It becomes about the presentation and not the message. People are dying...of AIDS...and it is not just hypothetical. This is real! This is an opportunity for us to reflect on the plight of millions around the world and all we can do is walk around singing "Seasons of Love"??? I mean, if that were the catalyst to a conversation about AIDS and finding a cure and a solution, great, but I believe that constitutes a minimal percentage.

So, Alida and I were depressed. Seriously. We both attacked the phone as soon as we could to reconnect with the loves of our lives. There was a need for a sense of security and "right"ness. A safe place to work through the thoughts coursing through our brains.

I must say the show was good art. Good art makes you think. Good art makes you wonder, question, and feel out of place.

The issue at hand is not letting the execution of the art overshadow the message. It is also about educating the viewer to embrace and engage the art.

What else can I say?

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