20 February, 2008

Stewardship of Winter

Tired of shoveling? Yes, I think most of us are tired of most things winter. I woke up this week to water flowing into our front room from the ice-dammed eaves. After removing every piece of furniture, relocating the cats, and sopping up the water-logged carpet, I sat down for a sip of cold coffee. As I sat there seething about our 70-year-old house and all of its wonderful “charm”, I looked out the window.

There to greet me was the most beautiful sight of snow blanketed trees and icicle draped homes. As the February sun fell warmly upon my lap, I realized that amidst all of my griping I had forgotten to thank God for this beautiful gift.

If you are like me, and perhaps you saw your kids’ snow day as anything but a “day off” or like my husband, you have retired from snow removal “…even if it means never leaving the house again!” here’s a thought for you. Even snow is a gift from God. A snow day can mean a few stolen moments with our children, our spouse, or even a good book. Snow removal can build our physical health or allow us to reach out to a neighbor. It just depends on how you look at it.

How do you handle the “snow” in your life? With griping or gratitude?

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