26 February, 2012

My Absence: Not Intentional, Just Cluttered

Well, it's been awhile. It's not that I haven't had anything to talk about. Just the opposite: there's been WAY TOO MUCH to talk about and I've been too overwhelmed to write.

I've got three different posts started, but they get stuck between my head and my fingers. The obstacle in their path is my heart.

The other day I walked into my boss's office while she was having a casual conversation with our pastor. I said something about "after this, things will calm down" and she responded, "you're always saying that, but things never seem to calm down."

As if on cue our pastor responds, "Not this side of the grave it won't."

That is when it occurred to me. Only in Heaven will I find peace from the chaos. However, we are all on a journey to Heaven. On that journey there must be a way to create a life that reflects the peace and joy of God's Kingdom since that is what we have our eyes on. One would like to believe that God would allow to at least practice, if not perfect that type of order and joy. It is only with a clear head, heart, and home that I can create that peaceful mental space for myself and my family.

This Lent, I believe I have a calling. It is a calling that has been percolating since we moved. It is a call to truly simplify. In addition to our annual pantry clearing Lenten efforts, I will be purging closets, dressers, storage spaces and cupboards in an attempt to de-clutter our physical spaces and reinvigorate our mental spaces. Perhaps by Easter we can celebrate a little bit of Heaven on this side of the grave.

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Ashley and Patrick said...

First of all, I love that picture of you.

Secondly, having moved across the country not so long ago, I can tell you that God's call to simplify is best answered. The husband was not pleased (as he is a pack rat), but even the process of shedding unneeded things and deciding what exactly is important was soothing and calming. It also makes daily life much simpler and more pleasant.

Of course, I can only imagine how much more interesting it is with kiddos around!