16 December, 2007

My Hubby...

Often I feel overwhelmed by my week and all of the work that needs to be done. I work all day and then I run errands and attend extra meetings before Kevin gets home. When he gets home, I cook dinner. Then I fold laundry, clean the cat box, or balance the budget. It never seems to end and I never seem to have enough time in the day or energy in my body. And then, I look over at Kevin in front of that evening's hockey game or his e-mail and I wonder to myself, "What exactly does he do for this household?"...

And then it comes to me. He: cleans the bathroom with bleach because I don't like the way it makes my hands feel, cuts the lawn, takes care of the yard, deals with the plumber and the cleanup when our old house pipes block up in our basement, changes the laundry when I am too cold or too comfy to go downstairs, puts away his laundry when I fold it, makes me tea morning, noon, and night, cooks dinner on whatever random night I put on my weekly menu, handles the construction projects in our old house, deals with the dentist when his rates have gotten astronomical, washes the dishes I seemingly ignore when I "clean" the kitchen, brings me the laptop when I am too lazy to get up and get it, takes the trashes out EVERY week on trash night, picks up whatever random ingredient i've forgotten after a long day of work and classes, and generally provides a consistent sanity to our household.

And as I sit here typing this (on our new laptop!), my husband is asking me how to make cous-cous...most men won't even EAT cous-cous...forget preparing it!

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own time and energy limitations that we fail to realize that our loved ones often give more time and energy to tasks we simply take for granted.

If only I had the discipline and joy my husband does when he does household chores...maybe I'll add that to my Christmas list.

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