07 December, 2007

A Night in the Life of Me...the Cat...

So, I've decided to let Gatsby post today...he wants to offer a window into he and his sister's life...

Hello, my name is Gatsby. I am a 18 month old male cat. I am an orange tabby. I like clean litter and regular tummy scritches.

This is my pad. I spend the majority of my free-time here. When I am not here, on my papa's lap, I am usually hanging out in my room.
This is Mouse. He's my sidekick. He keeps me out of trouble.

This is my papa. He likes to play with Phil our Wii and use our computer. I like the computer, but Papa says I can't play with the Mouse. I don't understand, I'm suppose to play with Mouse...don't y ou remember the picture?

I usually take a short nap in the evening. My job as the cat of this household requires me to be awake during the night so I can watch out for things like intrusive snowflakes and evil headlights.

This is my sister Daisy. She is angry in this picture because she wants Papa's lap and I'm there. She gets a little jealous sometimes.

She is really angry now. She's contemplating eating me...or at least taking a swipe at mama's arm...

I try not to let Doo's anger phase me. She is a bit of a drama queen. Nighttime is my chance to lay back and relax. I mean, who spends all day bug-stalking to listen to his sister whine all night? I just want a nice tongue bath and a fresh bowl of food.

These are the dudes who do all the work around here. They clean my box, feed me, and freshen the water. Usually we don't see them, but this time of year they stay around. They get busy doing their annual overhaul. You know, new beds, new toys, a general cleaning of my crib...those things their holding? Yep, a new kitty structure.

Boy, this writing stuff is tough work! I don't know how my mama does it everyday!!

What! There's a squirrel under the pine tree in the front yard??? And there's a pen lying in the hallway??? What is this house coming to!!??

I'm sorry. I have to monitor this situation. Thanks for coming along for a night in my life. I hope this gives you a better understanding about the challenges that face the domestic male tabby cat.

Dsisy here...so I took care of the whole lap situation (You can only imagine the amazing power of a stragetically placed pen in this house...), but I still have one question: why wasn't I asked to contribute to this little memoir???

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