16 December, 2007

My Weekly Menu

Okay, so I should seriously be using this time to write my book, but this short form thing is way more fun!

Dinner stresses me out. I get home at 4:00 and if I don't have a plan in mind for dinner, we're doomed. I hate having to decide what to eat when I am tired from the day, I don't like having to go back out and get any missing ingredients, and I need mental time to work up to cooking after a long day. This is where the menu comes in...

Sure, it sounds antiquated...it may sound silly...but no matter what it sounds like, it works! I never understood why my mom did it. It just seemed obsessive compulsive. But I will tell you this: once you start, you'll never stop. Doing my menu eat week is comforting...it is stress relieving...and dare I say, it's fun!

Reasons for a menu:

1. You have to think ahead about what you have to each night and plan accordingly (ie: I have many 6:00 meetings...this means an early dinner and less time to prepare so quicker meals...)

2. You only have to shop once a week because you know what you are going to be eating for the week.

3. You eat sooo much healthier because you aren't as tempted to pop in a frozen dinner or order in...

4. You save money because you quickly learn how to use the early meals components or leftovers to make a completely different meal the next night!

So for the sake of example, here is my menu for the week (actually it is for about 10 days because I want to shop for Christmas at the same time...no point in extra trips during this time of year!) Enjoy!

SUN: Indian food, cous-cous, chicken
MON: (Kevin Class) Pan-fried tilapia, rice, veggies
TUES: (Am Meetings) Whole wheat spaghetti, leftover red sauce, veggies
WED: Soup from freezer, salad
THURS: (6:30 Kevin Meeting with Dentist) Cincinnati Chili
FRI: 5:30 Dinner @ Friends
SAT: Tuna toastcups, baked apples from freezer
SUN: Kevin cook, pork steaks, fried potatoes, corn
MON: (Kevin Work, 9:30) Christmas Eve @ Kevin's aunt and uncles - bring chocolate fondue and fruit for dessert
TUES: Egg sandwiches for breakfast - turkey, potatoes, veggies, and cranberry sauce for dinner
WED: Leftovers, lots of leftovers

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