04 May, 2012

Holy Week 2012

Yikes...this was a post I started during Holy Week! Please pardon the date discrepancies!

It's here. Another Holy Week. Finally.

I have truly been anticipating this week. It is the first week in months that I don't have any evening commitments. It is the first week in months when I don't have another project or committment coming up. My freelance work is complete or in limbo for the time being and life at the parish turns solely to liturgical celebrations putting my catechetical and evangelical brain at rest.

Some of you may recall my Lenten efforts - declutter physically in order to declutter/destress/focus mentally. Essentially, make more room in my head for God.

Here are my results - in photos! Though there are no photos, I did also tackle our pantry and a lot of our freezer. By this time, they're almost full up again!

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