23 September, 2006

Finding Out the Whole Story...

There is something to be said for finding out the whole story.

For example, this morning, I had breakfast at my sweetheart's. He is a fab ulous cook!!! Anyways, while I was downstairs using the newly redecorated bathroom, he discovered that the kitties had peed all over one of the chairs in their room. Now this is not their first offense.

I came up the stairs and got an earful...not to mention the earful I am sure the kitties got while I was downstairs. He assumed they were just being bad. What I discovered was that it was not in fact the kitties fault. I had not cleaned their litter box in a few days and it was too full for them to consider usable. They had instinctually sought out the next least permeable thing so as not to soil their safe space. So, if you think about it, they actually saved us some grief.

So, the moral of the story. Don't jump to conclusions...or maybe it is as simple as clean the litter box.

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