23 September, 2006

Increased Productivity Without My Computer???

When my sweetie arrived home last night he discovered the living room completely refurnished and rearranged. We had agreed to buy a new coffee table, media shelf and end table...so I did...and I assembled them...they didn't look right in the configuration so I rearranged and now it looks awesome!!!

What he couldn't believe was that I had done it in 3 1/2 hours...how did I have that much energy and productivity?

Well, here is my theory. Ditch the computer! Most of us spend most of our day on the computer. Staring...blankly...at a bright screen...with little words...

For the last 16 months, my computer and I have been inseperable. Attached at the hip, hinge and other joints. I haven't taken a vacation without my computer. Two weeks ago, I took the plunge and left the computer home for Labor Day weekend while we were visiting my family. What a relief!!! No one could get me via e-mail!!! No one could tell me to check my account or forward me pressing issues!!! Shortly after, I decided not to take my laptop home with me at night. Gasp! I know...

What I have discovered is not only am I more productive at home following the work day, but I am actually more productive at work as well. I know that the 8 hours I am in the office is when I have access to my contacts, calendars and corporate communications...once I leave, that's it. No more. I have to get everything done for work at work. It has been a huge eye opener!!! And a huge stress reliever!

So I dare you, detach from your computer for one full weekend. Completely. It will dramatically shift your outlook.

Just like I am going to dramatically shift the nose of my kittens if they don't get out of the packing material...

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