23 September, 2006

Woman at the Inkwell

Hello everyone!

There are a few reasons I started this blog. Number one, I am an aspiring writer/journalist and I needed an outlet for daily journaling. Number two, I have moved around so much and have so many friends and family around the country, that I wanted somewhere that they could all keep up with me when and if they wanted to.

Why "Woman at the Inkwell"? Many of you might have caught the slight religious overtone from the story of the woman at the well. This blog will have some religious topics, overtones and values. I am "cradle Catholic" as we call them, someone who has been raised in the Catholic faith from birth. I work in Catholic ministry and try to live a Catholic life. That said, it won't be ALL religious, so the small twist of phrase seemed appropriate.

I am of the camp that writing is not just about the writer, nor is it just about the reader. It is about the dialogue and relationship between the written word and the read word. I encourage you to offer feedback and send me your thoughts.

I look forward to continuing this venture! As I told my mother the other day, "I need to be a part of the global community." Just like you, she laughed and told me to "go for it" (insert motherly smirk and condescension here...).

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