23 September, 2006

How Did You Get Your Job?

So I just got back from lunch with my sweetheart...and the topic of discussion was how people get their jobs despite complete incompetancy...and the one that disturbed me most was using their "skills" in other areas of their lives to work their way, "up the corporate ladder".

Please don't make me elaborate more...What I don't understand is how those thoughts even track through people's minds? Where do they come from? I mean, I understand the whole theory behind chemical imbalance in pyschopaths, but you CANNOT tell me that sleeping around and having affairs has to do with a chemical imbalance. Testosterone does not count even if guys have 400 times more than women...it is a little thing called respect and self-control.

If you put as much energy into your troubled marriage or rocky dating life as you do into sordid affairs, you might actually be able to sustain a lasting and meaningful relationship. And, although I do not speak from experience, if sex is what you are looking for, apparently happily married sex is the best kind. That is a topic for a whole other message.

But, as the love my life said, "It is easy to hate somebdoy. It is hard to love somebody."

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