23 September, 2006

Papal Comments Prove Their Point

Now, before y'all get up in arms, I like Pope Benedict and I like peaceful Muslims...

However, I am a little irked by the uproar over Pope Benedict's comments. He was quoting an ancient bishop...not only that but it was in the context of academic dialogue. Has he not gone out of his way to promote and engage in peaceful, ecumenical dialogue? I mean he has taken ecumenical dialogue to a higher level than even his predecessor, the beloved John Paul II.

And he has apologized for the reaction. He has no reason to apologize for the comment as it was properly contextualized and expunged upon, but he recognized the impact it had and apologized for the concern it caused. What more can we ask for?

And isn't the Muslim community just proving Benedict's point (agreed with or otherwise) by blowing the whole situation out of proportion? Dialogue...isn't that what they have been asking for all along?

Christians and Catholics get bashed all the time, but people lives aren't typically hanging in the balance.

And don't even get me started on the media's disgusting role in this situation. I am ashamed to call myself a journalist with the lack of integrity and contextual reporting this whole situation has created.

Pope Benedict has an exemplary record, as does the Catholic Church, in area of ecumenism. He is a loving, intelligent and tolerant individual. He refuses to let political, religious, or personal nonsense dictate his message. That is responsible journalism. That is responsible leadership. That is responsible existence.

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