23 September, 2006

Kamikazee Kittens

So, I swear my cats are trying to off themselves. But as my sweetheart says, "They're like practice kids, but if one of them accidently offs him/herself we won't get thrown in jail."

Last night it was the laundry. Gatsby would not stay out of my fresh laundry. He has a bit of a flatulance problem and that made the process all the much more interesting. He tried to climb my dresser. I later came to find Daisy in the dresser. Such was the moment for them to be shut in their room. For the next two hours, I heard them cracking their skulls and their little kitty butts against every hard surface in their room.

He is getting large and klutzy, but you wouldn't believe the amazing balance he manages on the back of a wooden rocking chair. They fight each other on the back of the chair. That is when they aren't hanging from my new window treatment...

So, as far as I am aware they have not discovered explosives, but if you happen to see a furry orange blur immediately before an explosion, you'll know he's taken it to the next level.

Only 17 more years...:)

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